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We’re building for the future.
As with Instagram nearly a decade ago, many in the traditional art world quickly dismissed the importance of NFT’s when they shot to mainstream prominence.
But in a society that is increasingly digital, we believe that NFT’s and blockchain technology hold the key to the future of the art world.
A decade of art expertise
The NFT marketplaces that define the space were founded by tech entrepreneurs.
Institut is founded and run by a diverse, international team of gallery, auction house, and museum professionals with over a decade of curatorial programming and expertise at every level of the contemporary art market.
Focused on quality, not quantity.
The NFT landscape is preoccupied with volume, and lacks curation.
Institut is committed to cutting through the noise - engendering true depth and artistic quality within the NFT landscape. We are an invitation-only platform, with a strong focus on artistic curation.
In with the old, in with the new.
Our mission is to unite the often opposing analogue and digital art world communities, advocating for an art world that is truly integrated and inclusive.
Institut offers physical artwork editions, as well as NFT’s - bringing together a community of art enthusiasts united by a shared passion for art, regardless of it’s medium.
A home for artistic expression.
Institut provides a curated space for the leading voices in contemporary art and culture to explore the possibilities of NFT’s and the digital realm.
We bring together galleries, curators, artists and collaborators in a unique programme dedicated to artistic expression across different disciplines.
We care about the environment and are conscious of our footprint on the world around us.
As a Centralised ecosystem, Institut limits the amount of on-chain interactions, meaning drastically reduced emissions, minimised waste, and less carbon impact compared to other, fully decentralised NFT platforms.
Centralised custody.
Volatile gas fees can cost up to $300 just to list, bid, offer, buy or sell an NFT.
Institut offers a secure, Centralised Custody System that enables side actions to be performed off-chain. You can list, bid, offer, buy and sell artworks on Institut with no gas fees.
We accept credit card.
“Crypto” is not easy for beginners - and the process can be overwhelming; downloading and setting up an Ethereum wallet, purchasing cryptocurrency and finding a cold wallet storage solution can be a lot to deal with.
Institut is fully integrated with a global exchange, so you can get started immediately without any prior experience with crypto. All you need to start collecting is an email address and a credit card. Transact seamlessly with up to 30 global FIAT and crypto currencies and send funds directly to your nominated bank account.
Passionate about giving back.
The crypto space is still in its nascent stages, and we believe it is our shared responsibility to address the economic and environmental issues associated with the space to create positive change.
Institut will enable artists, collectors and community members to safely and directly support charities which align with our sustainability mission.
We are a community.
We are passionate about supporting and educating the artists and collectors in our community to help expand the horizons of the art world.
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